Hello! I’m Kelly, welcome to Project Greater Life.

Just a bit about me!

I’m an Internet Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and my aim is to fulfil my potential as a person by leaving my life to the fullest

At 18, I started my first online business and since then I have obtained multiple degrees in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Business Management.

I started Project Greater Life as a way for me to fully express my potential and leave an extraordinary life. I also believe that by doing what I know and I’m passionate about is the best way to add value to the lives of the people around me. So this is what Project Greater Life is about, a way for me to express my true potential and add value to other people’s lives.

The purpose of Project Greater Life is to be a source of positive change in the lives of those that want to achieve nothing less than a successful and meaningful life.

On this website, I will be sharing the tools and resources that have benefited me in different areas of my life. Whether that be building an online business, having the motivation to pursue my dreams and goals, all the resources I put out is to inspire you to take action so as I have done you will also bring success to your life.

I’m dedicate to self-development and Project Greater Life is a platform that allows me to pursue continuous improvement in my life and will be for you as well.

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I started selling on eBay at 14. For over 4 years this is how I would make some extra cash, selling my used items on the platform.

By the time I was 18 years old I have developed an expertise in using eBay that I found myself importing products from China and reselling them for profit. The issue with this business model was that, with any new product I sold I could only make profit for a short period of time before a big company takes over the market and blow the competition out of the water. The hassle of always searching for new products to sell was overwhelming and I decided to look for a job.

For several years I took on different jobs with different companies during and after University. Although I could make some money with a job, I soon realise they did not allow me to reach or express my true potential, so this is how I came back to do what I’m passionate about – Online Entrepreneurship – this time with the intent to overcome the obstacles that have stopped me previously. When I found out what was lacking in my past online businesses I wrote the E-book “7 steps to Building a Sustainable Online Business”.

I enjoy the benefits that comes with an online business, which allows me to do whatever I want, where ever I want. Now I leave in London and I can connect with clients from all over the world.

I love learning, over the years I have read over 100 books related to Economics, Finance, Business and Self-Development. Project Greater Life gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with the world and fulfil my purpose in life, which is to reach my true potential as a person. My vision with Project Greater Life is to inspire anyone like me that wants to reach their true potential to take action in their lives and fulfil their dreams.


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