If you want to build your online business, I would like to invite you to join my “Online Business Coaching Program”

This program is for you if you are looking to create your own internet business but you do not know how to get started

This program is also for you if you already have an internet business but you would like to take it to the next level

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My name is Kelly Ohue, owner of, entrepreneur with multiple business degrees awards.

I have launch “Online Business Coaching” to give to anyone that want to create an online income stream, the opportunity to directly work with me.

With my coaching, you will…

Learn how to setup an online business and generate passive income

Get advice on the following online businesses that I’m directly involved in: Kindle publishing, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

Get free access to a range of resources, including some of my E-books and get advice on goal setting, motivation and productivity

Look! Everything I’m going to tell you on my coaching sessions are on the internet… but it could take you years to put those information together.

Why not get coaching from an expert and receive the information you need today, saving yourself time and money

You would be wondering by now the pricing for this opportunity… Here you go!

Your first session with me will be totally free

For a custom quote contact me or apply for my free strategy session


You will be working with me 1-on-1
You will have access to me via skype and e-mail
And with my monthly package you will get unlimited access to me through e-mail, so you can ask me any question during your coaching period

You will get access to my private Facebook group where you will find like-minded Entrepreneurs you can network with!

Get advise on how to:

Build your website

Do social media marketing for your business

Create content for your online business

Build an e-mail list

Setup payment methods for your customers

I only accept a handful of students every month.
So don’t waste time and take action now!