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June 22, 2017
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Why Networking Is Important

Networking with the right people is what allowed me to start my online business. When I was looking to get into online coaching, I searched for people that were doing the same thing I wanted to do. These online coaches were three, five years ahead of me, and learning from them is what gave me the courage and knowledge to successfully start my own coaching business.

Why is Networking Important:

1 It allows you to build relationships with like-minded people who have the same goes as you. You can share your knowledge which could be useful for them and vice versa.

2 It opens your eyes to what is possible. I never thought I could reach so many people online and coach them from my living room, but meeting people that were achieving result that I never imagined opened my eye to new possibilities, which pushed me to raise my standards.

3 It makes you stay ahead of your industry, e.g. if you are in business. Learning what innovations your network partners are applying to their businesses puts you in a position to not fall behind, but take advantage of trends.

I understand the importance of networks that is why I pursuit relationships with people that are achieving the results that I want.

Now if you are like me and seek networks of like-minded people, you can join my Facebook networking group Greaterlifepreneurs. This is a closed group for people who want to build relationships, learn from like-minded and goal oriented individuals in the field of online entrepreneurship and self-development.





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